Kacper Dworniczak – talented guitarist of the young generation; former student of the J. Kaliszewska Secondary Music School in Poznań; since academic year 2020/2021 a student of Kunst Universitat Graz in Austria in guitar class of two outstanding professors: Paolo Pegoraro and Łukasz Kuropaczewski. 

Kacper was born on 31st of July 2001 in Poznań. His adventure with playing an instrument began at the age of six, as he was a student of Piotr Kosmowski. Their music cooperation and „master-student” relationship lasted for 12 years of Kacper’s education. 

Kacper has been participatingng various music competions since he was 8 years old and moreover, he has been taking his first steps as a solist. Overcome, performing became a significant part of his musical development. 

Kacper received plenty of scholarship awards, which include: 

– scholarship from Minister of Culture and National Heritage of the Polish Government in program called „Młoda Polska” (pol.) 

– twofold scholarship for Marschal achievements, from the Minister of Culture and National Heritage 

– twofold scholarship from Marshal of Greater Polish Voivodeship ; President of Poznań; National Children’s Fund; Mayor of Stęszew Commune; association Puer Docillis 

Kacper is a laureate of over 40 national and international music competions and a participant of miscellaneous festivals from around the world: in Germany, Slovakia , Czech Republic, Austria, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, France and United States. 

In 2018 Kacper was nominated for program „The Young Musician Of The Year” organised by Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and Polish Television SA. He became one of the five finalists. During the final concert in Witold Lutosławski Concert Studio of Polish Radio he performed Concierto de Aranjuez J. Rodrigo with the Polish Radio Orchestra under the direction of Michał Klauza. 

In march 2019 Kacper debuted in New York Carnegie Hall. During International Guitar Competion in Brno in August 2020 he became laureate of the first price – thus he assured himself a participation in the final of International Guitar Competion in Tokio 2023. In Japan Kacper won second prize making his debut in Asia.